Boosting Confidence and self-esteem for Female Entrepreneurs


I'm Sian...

I am passionate about helping female business owners who struggle with a lack of confidence and self belief. I have been there myself! I wish I’d known twenty years ago how simple it can be to resolve these issues, my life would have been so different!

I use a blend of therapies, to help my clients uncover the cause of the beliefs they have formed about themselves and their potential, and flip them into something more empowering so that they can confidently pursue their dreams!

I am an RTT Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Silent Counselling Practitioner and BWRT Practitioner based in Essex.

My services can be provided online via a Zoom or video call, or in person at my office. Therapy via Zoom or video call is just as effective as working face-to-face, as long as you can hear my voice, I can guide you and help you work through the difficulties you're facing.

Get results like these

I feel so much calmer, lighter, and have changed the way I feel about so many aspects of my out look.

I feel like I have made amazing progress just over the last couple of sessions, which inspired me to do things I used to love.

Sian is so lovely, she really put me at ease. The sessions were very relaxed and I felt completely understood and not judged at all.

Thankyou Sian.

You're a very talented lady.

Sian is very open and warm and puts you at ease instantly. Professional and insightful, I would recommend her service to everyone.

Anyone that has unresolved issues that are affecting them will benefit from this therapy.

Some fun facts about me...

I love to travel, my favourite place to visit is Disney World in Florida.

We have lots of pets! One dog, one cat and five guinea pigs!

I used to own a beach hut that featured on BBC's Interior Design Masters.

I collect handbags! I usually have 12-13 in my collection at a time....I just LOVE them!

I'm a geek. I love learning & often sign up for courses just because they look interesting, even if they're nothing to do with my work!

I used to do gymnastics, and up until about 2 years ago I could still do the splits!


The 30 Day

Self-Discovery Challenge...

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and unlock the fearless entrepreneur within!

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